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The Specter Of Amenhotep

"So... According to you, you say that your spaceship is buried underneath these antennas, right?" Asks the waiter whose eyes now twinkle with interest, real interest, but somehow expecting a great disappointment. Although his internal fuels burn with the illusion of understanding the authentic and pure reality in which he lives, of the multiverse as a whole, deep down he thinks that Jeanette and I are mentally unbalanced.

Dear, you wouldn't be the first one that I disappoint.

It's fucking cold.

"You're about to come out of the closet," Jeanette whispers with alert eyes, for the possible outcome.

"Nah... I don't care. The truth is that we could go out for a ride" I comment with the desire to pilot my spaceship and mess everything up.

"You guys want to taste my wine?" You're going to freak out!" Jeanette asks us.

The idea of ​​Jeanette to continue drinking on the Moon seduces me, but first I must find the panel that activates the opening mechanism of the secret place where my ship sleeps. I remember the password perfectly, it was:


As I rummage through rock and rock in the "Alto de las Guarramillas", babbling hieroglyphics aloud like a madman, I remember the inner light that Neferjeperura Amenhotep possessed... Beautiful are the manifestations of Ra, Unique in Ra. 

And RA is the name of my ship!


I have finally found the activation panel. I draw the symbols on it and the ground opens up like Mazinger Z is going to come out of it.

Majestic as I remember it, it emerges from the bowels of the Earth levitating. I make the appropriate presentations:

"My dear friends, I present to you RA".

Something unthinkable happens: the woman with very red lips sees the spaceship with the eyes of a child, full of illusion for a gift from Santa Claus at Christmas. The mysterious element that lies in the waiter with an extremely attractive inner essence materializes, becoming visible as an explosion of colors never seen before.

He perceives my fear of them as a destructive and destabilizing species of My Trash Planet.

Of the harmony damaged in recent decades.

From their predatory ambition.

With tears in his eyes, he snaps at me:



I feel chills in every atom of my being. There is a domino effect that runs through every atom in this entire universe. The feeling is brutal and I can't find the words to describe it.

We get on RA and head to the moon singing:

Red, red wine, it's up to you 

(Thinking of Moon, Moon wine, I will wait for the next verse, I hope everyone joins)

All I can do I've done

Memories won't go, memories won't go

I'd have sworn that with time

Thoughts of you leave my head

I was wrong, now I find

Just one thing makes me forget... MOON MOON WINE...