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The night I gave a broken star to Olivia. December 2013

We walked together to the garden. We walked amid lightning bugs through an extraordinary evening. I kissed Olivia and placed her hand on my heart. I asked her if she could feel how it beat uncontrollably. She nodded and I told her it was because of the nervousness I felt about giving her a gift that hung by a thread in the firmament.

I knew how excited Olivia would be about this romantic idea. Soon after we had first met she suggested it. She always commented on how romantic it would be to give someone a star. The years went by and purposely I left that dream buried so that one day I could surprise her. After an arduous digging to find what had been buried, the night had come and I had a star in the sky for Olivia.

I want to give you a star.

She looked at me and then looked up at the sky with enthusiasm and made a face, as though she was about to cry, overwhelmed.

A star that carries your name... I never forgot what you told me... would you like to see it, just as it really is today?

She agreed, astonished after I told her all I had gone through to build the telescope and the process of making it spiralled. I told her about the speed of light and how an image can be accelerated by centrifugal force inside the spiral. I almost broke the romanticism so I decided to be quiet. There it is!

She looked through the lens. When she saw her star she cried, then she gave me a hug and we kissed.

It is the most beautiful gift you could have given me. It is so, so lovely...

We laughed.

You could say that the stars had aligned themselves for us and we didn't want this moment to end, ever. We could live like this eternally...

She wanted to look at her star again. I got up to adjust the telescope. When I found it I saw Olivia (the star) explode and disappear completely, everything became black in a matter of seconds. I rubbed my eyes and I reset the exact coordinates of the star and looked again. She wasn't there, only a huge and desolate blackness. I had a lump in my throat and tried to swallow, sadly I tried to remember how many light years away was from us. I suddenly remembered she was only seven years and ten days away...

Olivia, in seven years from now, we may vanish just like the star did...

Her face changed radically. She stood up, her eyes were full of tears and she went walking through the garden, making her way through the lightening bugs.