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The almond tree is in blossom Spring of 2016 I smell flowers... 9:46 pm

Olivia in the sky has changed, even though she doesn't exist since December of 2013. There she hangs, shinning and fooling everyone that looks at her. She emits white light and this evening she stands out on the horizon, with a scarlet tone and greenish glimmers on the vertices and she begins to look just as beautiful as the first rainy night I discovered her after the storm and rain in 2013. Those bright colours must be an omen of her imminent end... I don't know!

When I saw the star disappear I sent off a warning in an official communication. No one, absolutely no one paid any attention; everyone thought I was crazy and I lost all of my credibility. The truth is, I didn't really care. My heart was breaking into pieces and Olivia had become so distant to me that I almost lost her. She has always been so close... but after the evening we saw the death of the star she spent months, hundreds of light years away from me. There was a terrible reason for this.

We could be in the same bed sleeping and not feel each other. We left the words that could judge us beneath out pillows to drown them with tears. How bitter it is to drown your sadness on a sheet! I tried to get close to her. I caressed her tenderly searching for understanding but she just pushed my hand away from her body. Ever time I tried to kiss her cheek she would move away. Olivia raised a shield and I was unable to understand it.

Olivia, don't do what the star I gave you did! If our love has stopped burning and died, don't wait seven years to tell me so! This silence is going to do me in! What can I do if you won't even speak to me, Olivia?

How did I recover Olivia? I remembered the last happy night we spent together surrounded by lightening bugs, the night that her star burst and her eyes filled with fragments of it. I remembered our almond tree. She loved that tree. When it blossomed, I took her a number of branches and held them to her chest. With my eyes full of tears and hardly able to speak, I asked her, Olivia, what is the matter. It is as though you are disappearing, you are growing farther and farther away. Don't do this. Let me be close to you again.

At last I saw her smile. It was a very tender smile nevertheless, suffocated in sobs.

It is the idea of dying and disappearing... she told me as she smelled the flowers, to be separated from you forever, to not be able to smell more Spring times...

I nodded and caressed her cheek tenderly. I told her that it was only a theory but, that perhaps we didn't die at all... that everything was still to come and we would always be there together. But she was talking about another kind of death, one that only affected Olivia and would take her briefly.

She said that the uncertainty was killing her, that I should never separate myself from her, that please, I had to be close to her forever...

I embraced her.

Oh, how I embraced her.