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Thunder in the distance. The summer of 2027

Oh how these fragments of Olivia hurt!

It has been seven years since she disappeared. I still cannot understand it all. She vanished like smoke in front of my eyes.

I can smell rain, although the smell no longer soaks into my bones, more like breaks them. I sit and watch the sun set every evening waiting to die, turn to dust, vanish and shake off this heavy load.

Olivia, I miss you... it has been seven years and ten days since I lost you... the years just keeping going by and by...

The purple sky shows me a timid and blinking light, a star that wants to be born, trying to make a space for itself in the vastness of the firmament. I could swear that there, in that exact spot should be the star that I gave you. This can't be, this can't be!

I uncovered my telescope and introduced the coordinates where Olivia, in a distant past, had once shone in the evening sky. Nervousness overtook me. I was observing the birth of a star, something that had happened seven years and ten days ago.

I aimed my telescope and saw the real image of what was happening in that corner of the sky, a beautiful star.

Worthy of you.

Who would have imagined, a star just kissed me.

Olivia! I will wait seven years and ten days for your kiss.