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Violet, Me, Them & One Heart




There I was: levitating facing that group of locals in a couple of boats. 

Nobody said anything and out of prudence neither did I. 

They didn't seem to have any fear but they did have hundreds of billions of trillions of questions. And one of them risked asking. The question came out of his mouth and flew to my ears. 

"Who are you?" one asked. 

"Who I am? An artist and I am very proud of it!" I answered and showed them my paintings, drawings, writings... and that I had planted a seed at the bottom of the seabed.

That way I avoided answering the real question. I could not tell them under any circumstances that I was one of them, a common and ordinary human being from the year 1,230,854 who escaped from the future to seek inspiration in the past. 

A complex future to understand... one forbidden to plant words!

I was so surprised! Instead of starting a witch hunt, they looked at my work in fascination.

"He really is an artist. And what did you plant down there if it can be known? What is it? What is it!"

I replied: "I planted a word that she gave me! My one true love!"

"Who is your beloved if you allow us such a question?"

"She is the one who allows me to fly, sing, dream...! It is the force that bristles my soul!"

"And what word did she give you! It must have been a wonderful one..."

"It is a beautiful secret!... A secret that we will soon see blossom!"