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Violet, Me, Them & One Heart




Last night I saw a fisherman fishing. I was trying to fix a complex problem that for some reason prevented my bubble ship from responding. 

My mission was over and I had to go back to my time!


The fact that the fisherman whistled with authentic devotion and feeling, helped me not to worry. Because my ship was broken... Was I going to stay forever at that time? And in that case, could I live or will I die if my bubble, that protected me, failed?

But I remembered that I was an artist.

And that I loved making paintings.

And that I idolized writing. 

I still couldn't give up and resign myself to dying! I wanted to continue living by and for her. My one true lo...

I stood looking at the fisherman and listening him for a long time. His boat rocked through an increasingly rough sea. He couldn't see me because my bubble allows me to camouflage myself like a cuttlefish does. 

But it was when I built a fire that I really got his attention.

I saw him frown and I felt an uncontrollable urge to go out and explain him how it was possible, how we had mastered the art of underwater fire. 

But I remembered: don't interfere. And if he somehow saw me, he would think that I am a being from another world ... How wrong would he be!

"Witchcraft!" I heard him scream suddenly.

Then I laughed loud and it is probable that he listened to me because he left quickly. And in less than an hour he returned with another fisherman. 

Later another, and another, and a priest!

 I do not know how to define it: the fascination (of a purple color) and fear (of a yellow color) intermingled in their gazes flooded with astonishment (giving an extraordinary color). 

I decided to put out the fire. And my bubble ship began to rise uncontrollably. When it finally came to a stop, it was static one meter above sea level. To make matters worse, the camouflage system did not want to respond.

It was a defenseless cuttlefish who had just broken the essential rule: do not interfere.